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This auction is closed. 2 May at 16:00 Miles
Current bid Last bid 25000
Auction start time Start: 2 May 15:00h
Current bid Last bid 25000
Inicial bid Base: 15 000 Miles

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Miles total Last bid 25 000 Miles
Next bid: 30 000Miles

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Number of bids: 3 See last bids (Abre uma modal)

Start: 02/05/2018 15:00

Initial bid: 15 000 Miles

Bid interval: 5 000 Miles

Scheduled end time: 02/05/2018 16:00

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About this auction

All mothers are truly the best in the world, but each one is unique.

This auction is for all the mothers who love adventure and who are always willing to live emotions with good doses of adrenaline.

Bid for a The Skybox trip, for 2 persons, with Windpassenger.

Get your miles ready! Good luck.

Don’t miss the next auction at 3:00 pm.

Terms and conditions — Trip in a hot air balloon, for 2, with Windpassenger:

  • A voucher will be sent to the winner by email;

  • Vouchers are valid for 1 year;

  • Clients can do the trip any day of the week.